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Digital signalling, Dispatching, GPS Locating,  and More!

Handheld Two-Way Radios for Your Industry

RadioManUSA offers innovative push-to-talk solutions to help you communicate anywhere from coast to coast.

  • Communicate Across the Entire Country with fewer dead spots. Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) enables reliable communication across entire states and the entire country. Both mobile and portable radios perform with unparalleled coverage. Perfect for transportation/trucking companies, energy companies, events, construction, and beyond.

  • No Costly Infrastructure. Traditional radios require costly infrastructure like repeaters if you want to be able to communicate over a large distance. Not so with push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radios.

  • License-Free. Eliminate costly FCC frequency and license fees.

  • Radio Experts Since 2000 with Technical Support Every Step of The Way. Breakthrough Communications has been in the field since 2000. We’re the radio experts, home to a highly experienced technical team offering 24/7 support from start to finish.

  • Quick Deliveries (Nation-wide). Radios are in stock and ready to pick up at our North Texas location today, or we can ship your radios to you at your convenience.

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GPS Antenna

Always know where your assets are located. GPS is built-in to the RMM-750 mobile radio, and the data can be accessed through the RealPTT Dispatch Application.

External Speaker

Make sure you can hear the radio even over the loudest of engines with an optional external speaker.

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Dispatch Application

Manage your radio fleet with GPS location services or use your phone to talk to your radios with a monthly subscription to RealPTT Dispatcher.


One-touch calling for the easiest and safest communication with your drivers.

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Desktop Microphone

Pair a desktop mic with a power supply for a convenient and reliable dispatch center in your office.


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